Agriturismo Santulivieri Colle Val d Elsa (SI) Loc. Santulivieri 144

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The Santulivieri holiday farm is located midway between Siena and Florence, in the municipality of Colle di Val d'Elsa. The Ganozzi family have lived here for about 40 years and their life choice was to manage both the agricultural and tourism commitments of their farm.

The ancient farmhouse has now been restored but actually dates back to the year 1000, when it is thought to have been a convent. The farm covers an area of 50 hectares and grows mainly cereals like durum wheat, and sunflowers. The vineyard installed at the farm entrance is mainly of sangiovese grapes, with a small amount of merlot, both used to make red wine. The winemaking techniques are those handed down in the family but now enhanced with the most modern sector developments. Our olive grove is opposite the apartments, almost framing a fantastic panorama of San gimignano. The cultivars used to make our olive oil are muraiole and leccino, and we pick them by hand. Like all farms, we have a kitchen garden, which is tended with loving patience by the youngest member of the family, Alessandro, an aspiring agronomist. Each season we grow sufficient amounts of each crop to meet our own needs and those of our holiday farm guests. The fruit grove has only recently been installed and now our guests can pick their own fresh pears, apples, peaches and cherries right from the trees. Breakfast and dinner are available if requested in advance.

Région : Val d Elsa
Ville : Colle Val d Elsa
Tipologie : Agriturismo
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Tel. :0577 959081
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Agriturismo Santulivieri

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